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Empower Church Training


Do you have a desire to share Jesus with others? Do you want a fresh perspective on reaching your community?
Consider the Empower Church program!

Get powerful insights into evangelism, reaching hearts in today’s culture, answering common objections, and much more in this two to four days of training at your local church!

This two to four-day program is offered to churches in Europe and abroad. It may take place over a weekend or longer. Through Empower Church, we aim to inspire, equip, and reach out.

Upon request from your local church/group, Empower Missions will consider sending a team to meet your local requirements.

1. Get empowered

  • Inspiring sermons – get empowered through sermons about revival, and evangelism. Here you will get inspiration to reach out.
  • Evangelism classes
    You might have wondered: “How can I share my faith with others? What can I say when I meet a stranger? What about studying the Bible with someone?”
    We will take a look at Christ’s method in reaching people, and learn how evangelism is a key to a living church.
    Classes may include:
    – Personal evangelism/friendship evangelism
    – How to study the Bible with others – Creating and giving studies
    – The Evangelism cycle
    – Health Evangelism
    – Outreach methods and instruction

2. Empower others

  • Outreach
    We will practice what we have learned and go out and empower people’s lives. The activities will be coordinated together with a local outreach coordinator beforehand.
  • Teach others what you have learned.

Outreach 2

The goal for this program is to inspire church members, get equipped, and do evangelism on a regular basis by implementing the evangelistic cycle, and by using these tools in the everyday life. The classes offered depends on the length of the event.

Is your church/group interested in Empower Church? Please contact us.