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Empower Missions Annual Report 2016

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We want to thank you for partnering with us through the last year – your prayers, sharing our materials and resources, and those who have been supporting the work financially.

In 2016, Ketil Hjortland and Joel Mellin joined the team, and they are both part of our board. Ketil, who works as a Physical Education teacher, is serving as Health Counselor for Empower Missions. Joel is known by most Swedes as a meteorologist for National Swedish Television. He serves as Lecturer & Business Manager for Empower.

Amber Sarno also joined Empower Missions as a graphic designer. She currently live and work in the Unites States.

Empower Missions have been preaching and teaching in several places, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Kenya, Romania and Macedonia. Joakim and Christian have continued to teach at AFCOE Europe who just moved to Portugal. This is a mission school, where the students dig deep into the word of God, and also put faith into practice, learning how to reach out more effectively.

Joakim teaching at AFCOE Europe - Kenya Extension.

The Work Expands

Thousands are visiting our websites each month. On our main website alone (www.empowermissions.org), we had more than 5500 unique visitors (sessions) in a month! Praise the Lord! In addition, our messages have been reaching thousands through You Tube, Audioverse, etc.

In October, Empower Missions launched a new health branch – Empower Health, sharing the good news about lifestyle and healthy living! This is a great tool you not only can enjoy yourself, but it is a good opportunity to share the health message with your friends. See www.empowerhealth.eu, for more.


Recently we also launched another branch: Empower Church – www.empowerchurch.eu. Here you find Adventist Resources for Evangelism and Revival among other things.

First Mission Trip – Empower Lund

As many of you know, Empower Missions arranged a mission trip called Empower Lund. We wanted to inform people what the reformation was really about, as well as sharing tracts on other topics (Health, creation, prophecy, etc.), pointing them to Jesus, our only hope. We had a wonderful group of participants from the corners of the world coming together, uniting in this important mission.

In addition to having evangelism training and prophecy/reformation workshops, more than 140 000 tracts were shared during this short time, and God gave us divine appointments, good conversations and people showed interest. With the tracts, we were able to offer them several free resources. (See reformation.empowermissions.org and www.empowerhealth.eu) As a result several have requested the book the Great Controversy. We also partnered with Fredheim Lifestyle Center in Norway, and offered a discount on their lifestyle programs. (You can get a discount through Empower Health!)

At the day of the reformation anniversary, Christian was interviewed by National Finnish Television, and also, a participant was interviewed by another TV channel.

We live in solemn times. Prophecy is fulfilling. Friends, the reformation has not ended, even if there are few left carrying the message of God forward. We were happy though to see at least three other groups standing up for the reformation and our message, reaching out during this time.

“The Reformation did not, as many suppose, end with Luther. It is to be continued to the close of this world’s history.” – The Great Controversy, p. 148



Empowered Lives

What helps us keep going are the lives that we see changed, and how God is using the work of Empower Missions for His glory. After all, we are not doing this for ourselves, but rather we give our time, resources and energy to empower members of the church, as well as people in the world.

AFCOE Europe Class, Fall 2016

Here are a few testimonies from the past year:

“Thanks for taking your time to come here! It has been a true blessing, and has certainly created a greater desire in me to study Revelation more deeply. It was a pleasure getting to know you, I’m looking forward to meet you again, God willing. May He bless you and your ministry.” – AFCOE Europe Student

“I just wanted to say I really appreciate the work you and your brother are doing. It is an encouragement to me to do more in spreading God’s word for the times we are living in. Not many men are willing to speak the truth, but we all need to hear it.” – A friend of Empower Missions from U.S.A

“I just wanted to write and say that Empower Missions and our work sharing GLOW tracts last week in Lund, Sweden was a much needed inspiration and spiritual breath of fresh air in my life! It was such a blessing to be surrounded by so many other fellow Christians that are on fire for Jesus and have an eye single for Him and His glory. It was so exciting to share Jesus’ love with the people of Sweden! I greatly appreciate the ministry that Empower Missions is doing, and I will be praying continually for their work as they go forward. I hope to be a part of that work again soon!” – Lindsey, U.S.A.

“I was beyond blessed to be part of such an amazing group! Being united in one purpose really warmed my heart and encouraged me to persist on my Christian walk!… Once in a lifetime experience. From the AMAZING food to the great organization to the spiritual atmosphere you can’t miss the next event!” – Miriam

“This is the best event I have attended since coming to Scandinavia, as this has worldwide ramifications.” – Stephen

Looking Ahead

Looking back, we are thankful for what God has done. But we want to reach out even more!  The coming year we aim to continue develop our new branches; Empower Health and Empower Church, and develop more resources.


To do this, we need not only your prayers and continual financial support, but would also need some helping hands. We need someone to help maintain the web (preferably someone who knows some programming), someone to add new content to our websites, and another one to edit some audio/video. Check out more info here, and some other needs: https://www.empowermissions.org/volunteer-opportunities/

Keep us in your prayers. Thank you again for your support! If you want to help financially, you can give here. Also we look for monthly givers in particular.

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