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Empower Missions is Growing

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We are happy to announce that we have two new team members at Empower Missions!
Get to know Joel and Ketil:

Joel Mellin

Joel Mellin works as a Lecturer & Business Manager at Empower Missions. He has a master in physics and has also studied nutrition. Joel has served in areas from health and education to business. He went to a Bible school 2009 and then to Norway to work as a teacher. From 2013 he has worked as a meteorologist for the Swedish Television. During that time God made it possible for him to start a bakery and share the health message. His goal is to wake people up with the three angels messages and prepare them for the coming of Christ.




Ketil Hjortland, Empower MissionsKetil Hjortland is Health Counselor at Empower Missions and has served as a physical therapist for many years, mostly in Sweden. His life took a new direction when he asked God for personal guidance in his life: Surrendering his job and life in Sweden, and answered God’s call to move to Norway with his family. Now he is serving as a Physical Education Teacher at Tyrifjord Videregående Skole, Adventist High school in Norway. He is married to Barbro and together they have 5 wonderful children. Ketil loves working with youth and is eager to share the gospel, and to encourage a healthy lifestyle.



Vision and Mission

Our vision is to enlighten, equip and empower individuals as well as churches, in this generation. Through life changing lectures, practical training, and media, we strive to spread the gospel by helping others to healthy and meaningful lives.

Topics include: Life, Health, Bible, Evangelism.

Empower Missions is run on a voluntary basis. We are based in Scandinavia and Spain, but serve at various places around Europe.

Our Current Financial Needs:

    • General expenses to continue the ministry
    • Living expenses for one of us that is serving full time.

Giving Opportunities

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