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A Prophet for this Generation – Appendix

This is the online appendix for the book: “A Prophet for This Generation: A Call to Receive God’s Gift and Go Home”:


I. Great Resources

Be blessed by and share powerful Ellen White resources: Books, Articles, Webpages, Music, Audio, Video, Pictures, Apps…

Topics include: faith/apologetics, criticism/attacks and testimonies.

You find them here.


II. Principles of Hermeneutics

It’s crucial that we comprehend how to correctly understand and receive the messages of Ellen White. This article gives you a short overview of the key principles of sound hermeneutics as well as pointing you to good resources on the topic.


Basic Rules of Interpretation, Short

Norwegian compiled by Anders René Wiik:


Other resources on Hermeneutics:

Herbert Douglass, Messenger of the Lord, Chapter 32-38, can be accessed here.

George R. Knight, Reading Ellen White: How to understand and apply her writings

Mark Howard and Dave Fiedler (Audio):

How to read Ellen White Part 1

How to read Ellen White Part 2

She Said, She Said


III. Common and Sacred

All spiritual counsel Mrs. White gave, written or oral, was inspired by God. The only counsels that weren’t given under special inspiration of God were her counsels on common matters. Learn more about common and sacred matters.

Distinguishing Between the Sacred and the Common


IV. Did Someone Change Her Writings?

Carefully consider this article and judge yourself.

Did Someone Change Ellen Whites Writings


V. End Time Dynamite: How to Share Ellen White

Be inspired to do your part in using this God-appointed tool for evangelism and revival in the time of the end. Hear and heed the do’s and don’ts of this simple, yet powerful way of witnessing – many people will be won for the kingdom as a result of it!

Listen to/download the mp3 and handout here.